Clinical Director

Clinical Director, Rebecca Mailloux, is trained in the original method of Manual Lymph Drainage, developed by Drs. Vodder in 1936. Rebecca began practicing lymphatic care as a Physical Therapy Assistant in an industrial rehabilitation clinic and after working with a diverse patient base, developed Mailloux Method Lymph Drainage therapy approach to soft tissue, scar, and immune rehabilitation.

She is certified in Edema-Lymphedema Management and Decongestive Compression Physiotherapy. Rebecca has been providing MMLD since 1995 and is a lymphatic dysfunction educator as well as a medical practice and pathology laboratory consultant.


Laboratory Medicine

Rebecca served the anatomic pathology laboratory medical community for 20 years; 10 years as a technician + 10 years as COO. She guest lectured at Cuesta College Human Anatomy Lab and was Executive Committee member on the Santa Barbara County Consortium for CME, supporting dermatopathology academic activity on the Central Coast of California. Rebecca also assisted in the manuscript preparation of Morphologic Analysis of Dry Bone Specimens for publication in the International Journal of Paleopathology.

With over 55,000 patient hours and 1M lives touched, Rebecca Mailloux’ dynamic background and commitment to responsible scientific advancement awards a comprehensive approach to humancare.

As enthusiasts of Pilates and in alignment with Joseph Pilates’ rehabilitative work with prisoners of war, ANGION developed specific Pilates-inspired exercises to increase lymphatic flow, Pilates MMLDTM.

Rebecca and her husband serve as EMTs and in support of Aerial Recovery and their Humanitarian Special Operator efforts of repurposing veterans and first responders globally to provide disaster relief aid and end human trafficking. 

Academic Affiliation

She is a member of the International Cardio-Oncology Society and served on the Executive Committee for Lymphedema Seminars. In affiliation with the Hearst Cancer Resource CenterCentral Coast Medical Association and the National Lymphedema Network, the committee supports healthcare professionals regarding lymphatic dysfunction and the management of lymphedema.

Rebecca instructed the American Cancer Society/Arroyo Grande Community Hospital outreach training program for the newly diagnosed and presented a lymphatic dysfunction case at the Sixth Annual International National Lymphedema Network Conference.

“To omit the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system while evaluating diagnostic and surgical considerations is to provide incomplete patient care.”

Rebecca Mailloux, Clinical Director