Guiding Tissue Efficiency Through Lymphology

Immune System

Often under-recognized in physiological significance, the lymphatic system is a crucial component to tissue health and the body’s circulatory, neuromuscular, elimination, and immune functions.

Lymph maintains and protects the internal fluid environment of the entire body.

Mailloux Method

MMLD is a non-invasive, pressure-specific, manual therapy technique designed to gradually increase and decrease lymphatic pressure throughout the body.

By increasing the rate of pulsation and amplitude of lymphangions, MMLD maximizes tissue integrity and mobility.

Safe Application

Lymphatic care must be performed by a specialty-trained lymph drainage therapist to ensure safe application and reliable results. Contact ANGION for a consultation.

Thorough medical record review is required prior to receiving MMLD care.

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Mailloux Method

Lymph Drainage

The Mission of ANGION is to encourage recognition for the field of lymphology and its significance within all disciplines of medicine.

Lymph drainage therapy training is traditionally geared towards fluid management and lymphedema care for post-surgical cancer recovery. There are however many therapeutic applications for lymph drainage therapy in addition to and outside of oncology care.

ANGION MMLD incorporates lymph drainage with fascial and soft tissue release techniques, optimizing tissue integrity and transforming rehabilitation medicine.

Receiving MMLD as a patient improves tissue performance and accelerates immune function.

Incorporating MMLD as a provider elevates diagnostic skills, improving patient quality of life.

Specializing in scar tissue recovery, burn and radiation rehabilitation

ANGION understands damaged tissue creates systemic inefficiencies that can become a burden on the lymphatic system, resulting in poor tissue performance and potential immune dysregulation.


Lymphatic Function

With continued advancements in cardio-oncology, science is compelled to embrace the importance of the relationship between the vascular and lymphatic systems as a pivotal component to preserving and improving tissue integrity.

ANGION’s anatomic precision and tactile acuity produce reliable results.


Dehydrated Tissue

Radiation and thickness burn recovery require the rehydration of damaged tissue.

MMLD rehydrates damaged and dehydrated tissue, restoring function.

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Scar Tissue

Regardless of the body site location or cause, scar tissue creates a disruption in tissue hydration and function.

MMLD rehydrates scar tissue and damaged fascia, improving mobility.

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Saturated Tissue

Oversaturated tissue suffocates nerve and muscle function creating a stagnant environment.

MMLD drains inefficient and stagnant tissue, reducing the risk of infection.

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Damaged Tissue

Soft tissue damage can result in deformity, pain, swelling and/or potential amputation.

MMLD stimulates damaged tissue, removing cellular debris and facilitating healing.

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